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Alphabetical Order Tool lets you alphabetise text online

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Sorting a list into alphabetical order, either in a table in Word or in a spreadsheet is relatively easy, but what if you simply want to sort a lot of lines in a block of text into alphabetical order?

Here’s a useful online tool which will do that for you.


I’m currently using this to keep a group of lists together which I’m compiling in the course of adapting some software to enable it to display in the user’s chosen language. My translation system works by inserting placeholders (i.e. translation field names) in the code which are replaced by the corresponding text in the aforementioned lists - the lists carry identical field names but I need to create one list for each language, and it’s much easier if I keep those lists in alphabetical order.

For anyone interested the software is a mailing list program called poMMo - I already use this translation system on most of my websites, but finding a mail marketing tool which I could (reasonably) easily adapt to use the same system was a problem.

poMMo itself is pretty good - maybe not quite as advanced as some of the more bloated programs out there - such as phpList - but it’s very easy to set up and an almost complete no-brainer to learn and use it.

I did actually translate it once before but the developer of poMMo abandoned the program and it fell out of date. Luckily someone else picked it up and fixed all of the problems - so I re-visited it and, once again, found it to be just what I was looking for. To my great relief all the hard work I’d put into translating it before didn’t go to waste.

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