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Windows 10 Update Freezing Computer

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Windows 10 Logo When a monster update came through and installed itself on our Windows 10 laptop,  aside from suddenly getting annoyed to death by “Cortana” (some stupid Microsoft “help thing”, I think - not asked for nor desired, anyway) the laptop - a Dell - just started freezing up after a few minutes of use.

If this happens to you (and you could care less about ditching Cortana) then try this first before tearing your hair out.

The only thing I could think of doing was to roll back the update but I didn’t want to simply find that the thing installed itself again when the next update came through, so I wanted to turn automatic updates off as well… which isn’t easy as Microsoft don’t want you to do that.

First I rolled back the update which was a relatively simple process. In hindsight I would’ve done this after turning off automatic updates - but only on the slight off-chance that Windows would try and update itself again as soon as I’d gone back to the previous version I was using, but it didn’t so it’s not that important.

Simply follow the instructions here to get rid of the garbage which Microsoft update dumps on you…

Roll Back Builds and Uninstall Updates on Windows 10

Secondly I disabled automatic updates. Now, there’s no actual setting to do this but if you tell Windows that you are on a metered internet connection then Windows will not automatically download an update.

So, to tell Windows Update to get lost simply follow the instructions here…

Prevent Windows 10 From Automatically Downloading Updates


Encephalitis - it really sucks.

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