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This is how to enter a blank line in an Acrobat X Text Box

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Yes, pressing the Enter key in an Acrobat Text Box will create a blank line but, ever since about Acrobat Version 9 that blank line magically disappears when you either click outside of the text box or save the document.

Well done Adobe!

Fortunately you can get the blank line to stay there if you hold the CTRL key down as you press Enter to create it.

CTRL+Enter lets you create a blank line in Acrobat X, and have it stay there! It’s as simple as that.

How to run Acrobat 7 Professional on Windows 7 64 bit computers

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If, like me, you’re less than impressed with the latest versions of Acrobat Professional (I have Acrobat XI 64 bit installed) and wish you could go back to good old 32 bit Acrobat 7 with it’s dockable toolbars, batch processes which run really quickly, and overall familiarity with a product which you use on a daily basis, then here is some good news… for some of you.

image As Acrobat 7 is no longer supported by Adobe they’ve decided to give it away (activation key and all) for FREE to qualifying users and, while you can’t install this directly in Windows 7 64 bit you can install it from within Windows XP Mode running in Windows Virtual PC on a 64 bit version of Windows 7.

While you still suffer from a few problems caused by Adobe not fully supporting 64 bit in so far as you can’t easily see thumbnail previews of you PDFs in Windows Explorer or (inexcusable) the PDF document PROPERTIES in Windows Explorer, there are ways around these problems. [Read More…]

How to add the file name and page number to multiple PDF files in Acrobat X Professional

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*Updated September 2015*

Batch processing of PDF files was a powerful feature of previous versions of Acrobat Professional. Since the release of Acrobat X Adobe have renamed batch processing as “Actions”. While these are just as easy to set up and retain much - if not all - of the functionality of the previous versions there is one major problem with Actions - they are incredibly SLOW TO RUN, in comparison with the good old batch processes.

For those who are either stuck with Acrobat X+ or who are perfectly happy with the new interface then this article explains how to set up an Action to add the file name and page number to a whole folder full of PDF files. If you’d like to learn how to set up a batch process in earlier versions of Acrobat Professional then click here for my earlier article on how to do that. [Read More…]

How to add tiny text to a PDF

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Sometimes you may find that the minimum font size offered to you by Adobe Acrobat when adding a text box to a PDF document is still too big for your needs. Luckily it’s very easy to get around that problem. Here’s how to do it… [Read More…]

How to add the file name to a batch of PDFs

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*Updated September 2015*

Note - since Acrobat Version X Batch Processes are called “Actions”. To learn how to create an Action to add the file name and page number to a batch of PDFs click the following link:

How to add the file name and page number to multiple PDF files in Acrobat X Professional

In this post on Monday I described a rather clunky way to add the file name to the footer of a PDF. I then went in search of a solution which would let me do the same to a whole batch of PDFs – and here’s how to do it. This works in Adobe Acrobat Professional Version 7 but it should be easy enough for users of other versions to get this to work for them too. Please remember that this will only work in the Professional versions of Acrobat (the versions you pay for) and not the free version of Acrobat Reader. [Read More…]

How to add the file name as the footer of a PDF

Permalink: http://paul.us2uk.eu/?x=entry:entry130211-184604

I process a lot of PDF files. These are mainly drawings and, often, these are badly scanned documents where the drawing numbers are completely illegible. As I frequently need to include printed copies of these drawings in documentation packs I needed to find some way to stamp the file name on the bottom of the document. While this is an easy task in programs like Microsoft Word there’s no easy way to do it in Acrobat Professional Version 7 so I needed to find another way around the problem, preferably free of charge! [Read More…]


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